Whether you want a replacement glass roof or whole new conservatory, Trimseal offer a range of glass products from a polycarbonate sheeting to a car port or fully installed LivinRooms which combine the light of a conservatory, with the walls and ceiling of an extension giving a more solid feel.

Here at Trimseal, we know that there is no set use for a conservatory, so you can create a room that is as flexible as you need.
Many people use a conservatory as an extra sitting room, but a conservatory can be so much more; kitchen, home office or even a childrens play room. There are a variety of options to customise the exterior and interior of your conservatory and create that unique feel to your new room. An orangery leading from a kitchen makes a fabulous dining room. A glass extension leading from a living room extends the area into a great family room. A conservatory added to a bungalow is a great way to extend your space.

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Many buyers favour the GEORGIAN style which is a flat fronted style that offers excellent use of floor space due to a square or rectangular internal shape.
Each side of the roof slopes back to the centre and the resulting contemporrary style is suited to the majority of properties.

A GABLE-FRONTED stle of conservatory adds a sense of grandeur to any home
With the high roof slope a nd the same floor space as a Georgian, the GABLE offers excellent use of internal space. The front panel of the roof remainsupright rather than sloping backto the centre as on a Georgian style, creating a feeling of great height within the conservatory.

The LEAN-TO style is be ideal for those who prefer clean, understated lines.
Whether traditional or contemporary, this style is perfectly suited to properties with limited space under the eaves or an awkward areain which to fit a conservatory. The pitche of the roof is variable, so that a shallow pitch could fit under a low bungalow eaves, whilst a steeper pitch would match the roof of a terraced or detached house.

The VICTORIAN style is a popular, traditional style of conservatory, with a versatility that makes it suitablefor many house styles.
Its distinguishing architectural feature, a bay front with either an angled (3 bay) or slightly curved (5 bay) front, combined with a steeply pitched roof and ornate ridge details give this style of conservatory a more classical appearance.

The larger 'P&T' shapes are perfect as rooms with a dual purpose, such as a lounge/dining area through to a family room.
The ideal style for a larger conservatory, a 'P' shape can combine, for example, a lean-to and Victorian to create a versatile style that can be used as two different living areas. Due to the proportions needed to achieve both the P&T shapes, the styles are best suited to larger properties, giving a versatile floor space and impressive result to any home.

The 'P&T' shapes take their name from the plan view of each design. The 'P' shape style can be specified as either a 3-facet or 5-facet Victorian or Georgian design. The 'T' shape style is a combination style that is distinguished by a central projection that can be either Victorian, Gable or Georgian.

EXTRA LARGE CONSERVATORIES - commercial extentions, swimming pool enclosures
Conservatories that are extremely large and require additional support to take the weight of the roof are known as LARGE SPAN conservatories and require a portal framework to additionally support them.
The uses for these extra large conservatories are endless - from magnificent swimming pool enclosures to large commercial entensions. Anythingis possible due to the flexibility and advanced engineering of the large span system.

The LANTERN is probably one of the most original conservatory styles available, now brought up-to-date with Ultraframe technology.
Choosing a 'Lantern' style conservatory ensures drama and style, respresenting the grandeur of times gone by. The two-tiered effect adds a new dimention to your conservatory and the extra ceiling height adds to the feeling of light and space. Lanterns are typically suited to older style period properties and are often chosen for swimming pool enclosures or larger conservatories, and can be built in conjunction with a portal frame.

For those wanting style with a flat roof element all round to create what some call an atrium roof, the Ultraframe Traditional Orangery is the perfect option.
Choose from either a version with masonry parapet walls or a version with a fascia perimetre, both feature a flat roof all round the perimetre.


LivinRoom is the best of both worlds, combining the light and sky of a conservatory, with the walls and ceiling of an extension.

LivinRoom is truly multi-functional, creating a pleasant and relaxing space for meditation or it can be a 'full on' family room. Livin Room offers something different to either a conservatory or an extension.

When considering LivinRoom, ensure you explore the benefits fully;

  • Enjoy the light from a conservatory with the feel of an extension - providing greater overall value and the best of all world
  • Creates a whole new dynamic to the space - a 'real room / living room' feel.
  • You can maintain light and space by using windows all round OR have brick piers to give a greater sense of solidity.
  • This real room / living room feel means more styling and furnishing options, and the perimeter ceiling is perfect for down lighters.

Conservatories have always been an excellent way for consumers to blur the line between home and garden, but Ultraframe is now taking the idea to a new level with Veranda glass extension.
The glazing bars in the roof oversail and carry the glass with it to form a cocoon where you can sit in the garden and be protected from the worst of the elements. The exciting thing is that there are a multitude of creative ways to use the technology. A wide variety of glass roofs and extensions can be created - please ask!

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